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Why Piano Lessons Are Important

“Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.”

-Victor Hugo

Playing the piano has many benefits for children and adults as well. Music can improve your child’s IQ, improve their grades in school, help them develop creatively, and encourage self-discipline. In short, music can help your child develop the foundation to becoming a well-rounded adult!

How piano lessons can improve your child’s IQ

Playing the piano requires a lot of focus and attention. As your child is learning the piano, their brain is working in overdrive to process what they are reading, hearing, and physically playing. Playing the piano improves their cognitive ability because their brains are working so hard and doing so many things at once. The University of Toronto conducted a study in 2004 that compared the IQ performance of three groups of children: those taking music lessons, those taking drama lessons, and those taking no extra lessons. “The students in the music group showed greater increases in full-scale IQ scores than those in either of the other groups” (The Royal Conservatory). This research shows that taking piano lessons can help improve your child’s overall IQ! This is why piano lessons are important!

A musically trained child is also more likely to show improvements in speech and reading. Music training uses the same parts of the brain as does learning a new language, or broadening your vocabulary. Musicians are also known for picking up new languages and native accents very easily!

How piano lessons help your child’s brain

Playing an instrument changes a child’s brain, and the research is now showing that playing an instrument allows children to reach their full cognitive and academic potential. In a study published in 2020, they studied forty children from the ages of ten to thirteen. The children who were musically trained and practiced at least two hours a week “performed better on both visual and auditory memory retrieval tasks overall and had higher activation in cognitive control regions of their brains than the control group” (Verywell Family). Any kind of musical activity from playing an instrument to singing stimulates many different areas of the brain. The signaling in the brain causes enjoyment and understanding of music. The brain is getting a “workout” that will improve the structure and function of the brain.

How piano lessons help your child gain social awareness and self-motivation

Music is not only cognitively beneficial to children, but it is also a great outlet for creativity and can help with developing social-emotional learning (SEL). Music can help children become more responsible and gain more social awareness. Music stimulates the imagination, self-expression, and emotions of children; this stimulation works to help them improve in SEL. All in all, when playing music, children learn to be disciplined, committed, and to express themselves (Verywell family). The self-expression that comes naturally with playing music helps children to manage their emotions. The time spent practicing helps children learn to be disciplined and motivated. Discipline and social awareness are so important to life; music can help foster these life skills in your child.

How piano lessons can benefit adults

It’s never too late to learn the piano; adults can benefit from the same positive effects of music as children! Several studies showed that there were cognitive and emotional benefits to learning the piano even as an adult. A study in 2013 showed that adults studying the piano for four months with regular practicing enhanced their cognitive reasoning and improved their overall well-being. Playing music helped them reduce depression and have a more positive outlook on life (Seinfeld). As an adult, playing music can be an excellent way to relieve stress and find a creative outlet!

In conclusion

All in all, music is a wonderful and fulfilling way to improve in school, work on self-discipline, and unlock the creativity of your child (or for you!). Music provides a beautiful outlet in which children can learn to develop emotionally, and in which adults can find fulfillment. It will create the groundwork needed for your children to develop into well-rounded adults.

The Piano Preparatory Academy exists to inspire students, guide them to greater musical heights, and unlock their creative potential.

Why Piano Lessons are Important

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