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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to purchase a piano for lessons?

Yes! In order to develop proper technique, an acoustic piano is needed from the very beginning. The weight of the keys is very important when learning the piano and only an acoustic piano will help develop fingers properly! If you need help locating and purchasing a piano, please let me know.

An 88-key weighted electric piano should only be used as a last resort. 


What if I want to start lessons in the middle of a semester?

You are more than welcome to begin lessons at any time! Tuition will be prorated. 


Can I sit in on the lessons?

Yes! I recommend that parents sit in on lessons for students under the age of 8. Viewing the lesson will help parents encourage their children to practice throughout the week. Parents who do not have previous musical experience might also learn a thing or two themselves! Of course, parents are welcome to sit in on any lesson for children of all ages.


Do you offer in-home lessons?

I principally teach from my home studio in Spring Hill, TN. However, I would consider coming to your home if it's within 15 minutes of my location (Brandon Woods neighborhood in Spring Hill, TN) for an added fee.

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