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The Piano Prep Academy

Piano lessons for students of all levels ages 7 and up in Spring Hill, Columbia, Thompson's Station, Chapel Hill and Lewisburg, TN.

*The teacher is a member of the American College of Musicians and the Nashville Association of Piano Guild Teachers

Piano teacher offering piano lessons.
Piano lesson benefits

The Piano Prep Academy

As an experienced piano teacher, I've been offering my services to people of all ages for the past 14+ years. I've moved my studio from Ohio, to Indianapolis, to Nashville, and have settled in Spring Hill, TN in the last few years. No matter what your experience or level, I'm dedicated to providing lessons that are catered to each student.

Learn about the teacher

Gretchen Mayer-Yeh is an skilled teacher with over 14 years of experience. She has taught at piano schools, independent studios, Mobile Music Academy in Nashville, and has managed her own studio. She received her Masters in Performance from Butler University's Jordan College of the Arts and her Keyboard Pedagogy degree with an emphasis in performance from Cedarville University. Gretchen is known for her abilities to cater lessons specifically to each student. She has experience teaching all levels, including preparing upper-level juniors and seniors for competitions and auditions. 

Gretchen is a member of the American College of Musicians and the Nashville Association of Piano Guild Teachers

An accomplished accompanist, Gretchen has accompanied both instrumentalists and vocalists for 13+ years at various universities including Cedarville University, Butler University, Belmont University and others. Gretchen has performed for numerous weddings and events. Gretchen has also been a sub at several churches ranging in styles from traditional to gospel/jazz to worship to folk.


Gretchen Mayer-Yeh has experience teaching students from the ages of 5-80. She welcomes students of all ages and all levels from beginner to advanced.

Piano teacher in Spring Hill
Learn how to play the piano

"I wish I had taken piano lessons"

"I wish I hadn't stopped taking piano lessons"

If this is you and you're wanting lessons for your child, you've come to the right place!

Do you want your child to improve at school?

Do you want your child to have empathy for others?

Do you want your child to unlock their creativity?

Not only does playing the piano give personal satisfaction and enjoyment, but it also is important for the growth and development of your child. 

Piano lesssons for beginners

Cognitive and Social Benefits

Playing the piano requires great focus and attention. Your child will improve their memory, and their ability to learn.

Not only that, but playing music has shown that it helps children have more empathy for others! Music requires people to connect on an emotional level, and when this is translated to children, it helps them become better citizens in society.

Learn how to read music

Improves Speech and Reading

Who doesn't want their child to succeed in school? Studies show that learning to play an instrument improves their grades!

Learning to play the piano helps improve reading comprehension and speech! Studies show that studying an instrument help children achieve their full cognitive and academic ability.

Piano lessons for children

Improves Creativity

When your child is playing the piano, they are being challenged in many aspects. They are not only reading the notes on the page, but also learning to coordinate between two hands. All of this work requires the left and right sides of their brain to contact each other more.

The results?

Increased creativity!

Learn piano in Spring Hill, TN





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Carissa, Nashville

This is our 4th year taking private lessons from Gretchen. With 4 children, and a wide range of ages and levels, Gretchen meets each student where they are and adapts well to meet their learning styles and levels of acceleration. While she motivates her students to perfection, she is patient and encouraging throughout the process.
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